Friday, June 3, 2011



Who Wins?
The car that travels the farthest in the finals wins.

General: while you can make any kind of car, sticking wheels onto a rocket will incur some sort of shame demerit. Similarly, sticking a rocket onto a car is equally subject to frowning.

Materials: Whatever, In the interest of safety please ensure that metal components are kept to a minimum and as safe as possible.

Weight: Avoid very light cars. they are prone to spin around and shoot into the spectators and innocent bystanders.

Body shapes: The event demands something interesting to look at and shapes aimed at aerodynamics solely will be poo-pooed. Formula One style, saloon car, land speed record types, all types welcome. Plus anything new you can come up with. You have to make your own chassis.

Motor types: B6 size rockets only in the race. Whatever the delay you like. Only one motor to be used. No clustering or staging. These are .75 inches in diameter and fit nicely into a Romeo y Julieta no 4 cigar tube. Engines will be available on the day.

Wheels: Three at least but more are permissible and all must be in contact with the ground on the start line and every effort must be made to keep all on the ground during the run.

Testing: You can learn a lot about how good your theories regarding rocketcar design are from watching your creation pickup and fly out of contol towards someone. if you can : test your car.

Remote Control : is not allowed due to it working one year.

Gyroscopic control : is allowed due to it never having worked yet.

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